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AFA hello

AFA Design was established in 2002 with only 5 young architects. The squad was thin in strength, weak on the team, but thanks to the effort and consistency we have overcome the most difficult times.

Not only a 15-year-old design company, AFA Design has made a strong mark on the market with its distinctive office buildings.

With the motto of working to take the satisfaction of leading customers, with the commitment to bring the best solutions for the project, AFA Design prides itself on taking the path of its choice.

Science & Transparency

AFA Design always follows the process of managing two rounds of scientific optimization and ensuring transparency for the business.

The first round, we complete the product from consulting – design – construction through a team of experts – architects – factories (with a scale of more than 20,000 m2), ensuring synchronization from the sewing. Ideas to design and execute.
The second round is the strength of AFA’s construction management, as demonstrated by our commitment to ensure that construction time will not affect the performance of your business.

Sustainable value

Over the past 15 years, AFA has proudly helped hundreds of businesses in many fields have a new look.

Ensure the aesthetics of space;
Ensure the quality of space;
Ensuring the brand identity of the business;
Ensure maximum space capacity;
Ensure optimal cost;
Ensure the intelligent, flexible interior;
Ensures the most economical energy consumption.

Solution design, construction

Hotel design

The high-end hotel design helps solve the optimal problem of power, area and meet the most stringent technical standards.

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Restaurant design – cafe

Design restaurants, cafes, create unique space, creative and impressive to optimize the economic problems and attract customers.

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Office design

Office design maximum use, quality assurance, aesthetics and certain flexibility of space. The design adheres to the brand identity and corporate culture, creating creative and personal spaces. Consultancy, design, construction work to optimize time and cost.

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