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AFA Factory

AFA Design – Vietnam Architectural Design and Interior Design Consultant Joint Stock Company, specializing in the field of design, supply and installation of complete interior furniture. With the strength of 15 years of experience, AFA Design’s facilities offer unique spatial and spiritual experiences. Help improve the quality of work environment, increase productivity and associate members in the business.

Not only focus on investing in people, developing systems and work processes, AFA Design focuses on investing in factory systems. In 2012, AFA Design furniture factory in Ba Vi, Hanoi officially came into operation. Factory system is equipped with modern machinery, imported directly from Germany, Japan and China scale up to more than 2 hectares. Ever since the operation, production capacity of the plant has not only met the needs of AFA Design’s projects but has also been widely involved in the entire Vietnamese market, stretching from the North to the South. It can be said that this is one of the key factors that determine the success of the current AFA Design.

Behind the complete works, quality products are the work, the gray matter of the design team and the dedication, persistence and skill of the staff.

The active production helps AFA Design bring quality service, the best product for customers. Ensure the process of design – execution is thorough, synchronous and optimal. Products in general and works are generally monitored closely and regularly maintained care regularly. Thanks to this, AFA Design has received a lot of positive feedback from customers and especially the trust of partners who work in the field of interior design, complete construction.

Some photos of the AFA Design factory: