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The “Green” design dates back to the 1943s, describing the relationship between nature and humanity. Man is the nature of nature. As urbanization, the more people are separated from the natural environment. Meanwhile, indigenous architecture in Asia is very “green”, showing the harmony between people and the natural environment.

Industrial civilization gives people “concrete jungle”, urban areas with skyscrapers but lack of air for breathing, lack of sunlight and natural space … Mankind are thirsty Long live close to nature, return to nature. Desire to return to nature, living in harmony with nature is a phenomenon characteristic of green civilization.


Recent trends in green architecture have reduced the negative impact of construction on the environment, but it seems to have done little to connect people with the natural world. These are the missing pieces in the puzzle of sustainable development. A space is designed to bring natural elements into the work environment, an open space, airy, green system, wind and natural light source to help reduce pressure. Power and fatigue caused by work and physical health.

Design of harmony between the interior space and outer space, between nature and artificial


Perhaps the deep connection of our emotions with the natural world is most important to our future environment. Biophilic design-the architecture of life, or the Eco-style of using nature-friendly materials, fills a huge gap in human understanding of the role of the natural world in life. modern. It explains why the presence of the natural world in daily life is at the center of our existence and what we need to do is bring nature into every living space, so that it is always available. Enjoy the freshness and peace that Mother Nature brings.


Balance – the ultimate destination in every activity and every human design


Not only creating fresh green spaces, AFA Design’s Green office focuses on sustainable green elements: Friendly, Incorporating Corporate Culture, Energy Efficiency, Friendly Materials. , Harmony with the surroundings, ..

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