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Modern furniture products are increasingly oriented towards intelligent, multi-functional, flexible space optimization, making the most of space and suitable for the “dead corner”. Besides, with the combination of technology and design industry on a growing, intelligent office furniture products bring elegance, elegance and impressive emphasis in the work space. Intelligent office interior design makes the space less monotonous, positively impacting both productivity, worker health and aesthetics of space.

xu-huong-thiet-ke-van-phong-hien-dai-ban-lam-viec-dung (7)8 hours of work at work, sitting too much in your daily work, smart chairs that support posture or desk work can help you limit the negative impact on health.

Sustainable office furniture design, using “Green” material, high quality

Selection of materials has a great impact on the environment, especially with the characteristics of commercial projects – furniture is often replaced after several years of use. Lifecycle of office equipment and supplies always requires a strategic solution to solve environmental problems. Ideal materials for the office are recyclable materials, reusable components and all of these should be considered to address environmental issues. Sustainable interior design takes into consideration key factors such as the choice of “Green” materials to ensure the least impact on the environment, less to the health of workers.

AFA Design’s office design is always human-centered and uses science to serve people. Intelligent interior application in the office to bring convenience, help save work space, convenient for management organizations and improve work efficiency.

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