If you know how to invest in art in your office space, you can create a beautiful office design. At the same time, build a healthy and positive working environment and promote creativity and connection.

Artful workspaces help motivate employees to work effectively

Artisticizing the workspace is bringing artistic elements into the office space through artworks with unique materials. This not only puts on a new coat for the office, but also promotes creativity and exploration of the company's employees. This is expected to be a prominent trend in 2021 as people increasingly focus on experiences and interactions at work. Let's find out this trend with AfA Design.

What is the art of workspace?

Aet of workspace is to bring works of art into the office space or use interior products, decorative details with elaborate works of art. This is how the art of office space is popular today. This can be expressed through a mural, sculpture, painting, installation, or musical props.

Bringing works of art into the workspace

Art deco creates a beautiful office interior design and increases connectivity

The office becomes more interesting and new if it uses artistic elements. These factors will be an inspiration to stimulate the connection between employees and stimulate their creativity. At the same time, artisticizing the workspace also creates a separate and unique aesthetic for your office.

Dan Do is both a musical art image and a symbolic image for telecommunications cable reels

Integrating it with brand features will help businesses promote better culture and brand identity to internal employees as well as customers. In the design project of the Ftel office, AfA Design used artistic materials with the Dan Do symbol, which is both a musical art image and a symbolic image for telecommunications cable reels - a unique product in the field of telecommunications. FPT's area of operation is that creates a new, unique, and not easily copied design.