CEO’s message

Over past 18 years of intensive operation in office interior design and construction, AFA Design has created a number of green, creative, unique working environment with desire of delivering positive experience for “end-users: in those places. Moreover, the works that we did also enhance our clients’ branding awareness to their employees and partners alike.

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To be honest, when we started the project I wasn’t sure we could pull this off but you certainly did it and did it well.
Highly appreciate your good job, keep it up!
Aptech Director


"I appreciate the professional working style of Afa Design staff throughout the project. Thanks to AFA we have a modern office facility"
Member of the B oard of BIDV


The most important thing is your design moves in the message of our company: POSITIVE AND VALUE
When AI&T gets a new work space, of course, there will be complaints along the way, but the majority of employees are surprised. Many of our colleagues feel that space is not the same as a normal office but a "co-working space". And this is also what we want for the work space is towards the creativity, utility but still comfortable, warm for its employees.
AI&T Joint Stock Company


"Afa Design Company has completed the project (including design, renovation of offices, construction of private offices and workplaces, and provision of all office furniture) on time. and quality assurance. I am very happy with the AFA product, especially the progress."
Chairman of BIDV


AI&T appreciates AFA's design and AFA's "plus point". Your design is very creative and we are completely convinced as soon as you hear the presentation of the idea of "round heaven, square land" initially.
AFA's design is not only unique, but also very flexible. The head of the post was not the number of personnel transferred to the new office and when AI&T changes in the number of people, AFA has adjusted the design quickly, appropriate.
Ms. Vu Thi Nga representative of AI&T Joint Stock Company