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office design

Interior Design

15 years of experience in the field of interior design, more than anyone else, AFA Design understands what is needed and what constitutes a good space. From space optimization, creating space emphasis to synchronous workflows, saving time and money. The expertise, expertise and transparency of information processing allow AFA Design’s team to deliver solutions that meet the rigorous requirements.

Architecture Design


Architecture is the crystallization of art and science. At AFA Design we build on a solid technical foundation. Creative but not fly. If individual projects are personal traces, AFA Design’s projects are geared towards sustainability and development. A good work comes from good creators, every problem can be solved by good solutions. We are proud to be the creators of the best solutions.

Fitout Finishing

Standing on the view of a professional design and construction company, AFA Design always works in the spirit of respect for customers. Because more than anyone else, we want our work to be the most complete. Each stage of preparation, investment norms up to detailed cost estimate, from material selection to construction supervision, etc. are transparent and thorough, minimizing risks and Unwanted.