thiet ke van phong xanh

Vinfa Office Design – a green space at the heart of Hanoi

Vinfa office – One of our green office design projects, carrying the breath of modern, was completed at the beginning of 2020 will help you a fresh perspective on the green office‘s function. 

It’s indeed challenging to find a green area in the heart of Hanoi – the capital with a surging rate of development. Hence, it’s our best attempt of combining architecture and space balance to create a Vinfa as a green office. Vinfa Office has it’s own niche for the Hoang Cau Lake view. To fully exploit to niche and to create a natural space, AfA Design team has designed a unique way to plant trees in the workplace.

‘Naturalize’ the office logo

Vinfa’s logo is a leaf symbol and to bring this image into the office space subtly and aesthetically, AfA Design architects has transformed this image into a dense and unique shape in the ceiling of the reception hall. The leaf symbol covering the ceiling not only bears a strong sense of brand identity but also expresses a positive, friendly, and full of nature spirit.

thiet ke van phong xanh

Green walls occur regularly throughout the office

Rigid partitions were far gone by transforming space partitions into huge green walls with cool green plant pots. Green partitions create a soulful space and positive emotions for employees at work. The lake view of Hoang Cau lake is one of the great advantages to creating an “niche” in architecture and the architects of AfA have made good use of this to build a space not only aesthetic but also ensure feng shui elements.

Vinfa Office is one of the outstanding projects of AfA Design in early 2019, starting the new milestone for unique and creative space projects, bringing the key element into the office design and revolving around it with unique and thoughtful ideas