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As a role of master constructor, AfA Design works from our heart. We don’t simply “translate” the technical design. By extensive site inspection, our technical professionals will discuss with the owners about optimal solutions about materials, construction timeline… in order to keep original value of the design and leverage it for exceeding their expectation.


With our capability to connect resources from well-known and talented architects, interior design executives and artists in Vietnam and abroad, AfA Design is confident to build talent and solid partnership networks to propose advanced construction solutions for quality and expense-wise as well as sustainability and environmental friendly purpose.

Office renovation/ construction projects are usually in buildings having other companies settled down already, it will challenge intensive experience and knowledge of the master constructor in:


  • Procedure of getting construction paperwork from the building management unit.
  • Time management to minimize effects to the building’s operations.
  • Ensuring fire prevention and fighting before, during and after the project.
  • Following criteria about work safety, asset security for owners as well as workers
  • Technical expertise and skills to ensure original architecture and crucial functionality of the building towards safety.

There are many advantages using master construction services including:

  • Control investment budget right from planning stage
  • Ensure consistent quality.
  • Time saving
  • Secured and clear guarantee policy


Our “7 steps for project implementation” is very transparent to our clients, AfA Design is confident as a leading master construction solution provider in the market.