Fusing cultural and contemporary factor into creating the finest AMI&M

How can a space, architecturally wise, can blend well between cultural and modern colors, without any conflict occurring?  Let’s find out about the AMI&M office design project that AfA Design completed in 2019.

The puzzle to solve for AMI&M office project is to renovate and expand the office space which carries both the breath of “Local Brand” and the color of a modern, making the workspace integrated and thriving. Culture and business industry speaking, this topic can be easily oriented, but in architecture and interior design, the puzzle can be quite troublesome to solve if not executed skillfully. However, thanks to an in-depth understanding of AMI&M’s brand identity and office location, AfA Design has created an office space far beyond their leaders’ expectation..

Enlarged and evolved workspace

In this project, AMI&M proposed a project to expand office space and renovate based on old space. Larger space is certainly both an opportunity for creativity but also a challenge because large space does not mean adding furniture and functionality. AfA Design has decided to develop a modern pantry that only foreign businesses can think of and make it a highlight in the AMI&M office.

Ideal location for ‘chill’ corners

Located at No. 1 Ba Trieu street, an convenient location overlooking the Hoan Kiem Lake and the romantic street along the lake, the AMI&M office is a perfect space to create chill corners to relieve stress from working. Taking advantage of the location, our architects created chill corners that are very space-saving and do not interfere with the pace of work.

Culture of vietnamese corporate: fuelling with bold colors and modern style

Creative space dividers created by trees and chessboard squares, on which corporate culture is expressed through proud and prominent quotes and logos. 

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