No one but an architect can feel the strain of making the investor an optimal cost-effective design. No one better than a businessman can feel the happiness of having a nice-looking workplace within a proper budget. That is what applies to the project on office design and construction for the Gold Sun packaging factory. AFA Design has not only strictly followed 7 office design principles but also brought many surprising factors to the work, which are exquisite details made at ease with creativity and minimal cost.

Factory office design – Ceiling lighting resembles calligraphy in Gold Sun executive room

The working room of Gold Sun’s leader is decorated with a Zen style barrisol lamp, consisting of a main lighting system, frame structure attached to the ceiling, and a transparent barrier. This poses a question of how to transform such rigid technical details into a nice and inspiring calligraphy.

That day, in a meeting for the design plan approval, Gold Sun’s CEO was really surprised, wondering the feasibility of such an idea. Having known about the CEO’s long-formed meditation habit and his special interest in the Zen design, we responded that “Our idea just requires simple construction and optimal price”. The ceiling lamp not only serves as a highlight of the room but also reflects the connection between humans and intangible values. At the same time, this unique factor represents dedication and relentless efforts, one of the core values in Goldsun’s culture.




Goldsun leaders’ office

Goldsun brand recognized right in the lobby via the stylized wooden plank

The stylized wooden plank in Gold Sun’s reception area is one of the most important highlights in our design project. It not only enhances the aesthetics of the lobby but also serves a brand mark with the red color symbolizing power and strength. The design ratio of this work has been based on Gold Sun’s technical requirements for logos.

The construction progress to create the ‘wave wall’ – GoldSun brand recognition mark 

Although it seems that lots of efforts are required to design and construct this work, the implementation in reality was really simple and the cost was also optimized. We used CNC cutting technology, and tried to figure out the best way to arrange and dismantle the wooden planks for later cleaning, fixing or replacement. Real photos of the completed work are shown below. 

Actual footage of the ‘wave wall’ in the Goldsun factory hall 

In Goldsun interior office design project, AFA Design has conveyed meaningful messages and values of the brand, and at the same time reflected its leaders’ working attitude via the highlights that bear both personal and collective identity.

The art of making the office design for Goldsun factory lies in the incorporation of the brand’s spirit, working attitude and human connection into the working space.  Such art is shown not only in the color, composition or style but also in the values and stories behind it. 

– AFA Design –