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With nearly 20-year specializing in architectural design and office interior, AfA Design is now focusing on 3 major services in order to optimize our professional skills and experience for servicing our customers at our best:


We are passionate in opinion “Interior design is a sophisticated job, requiring continuous creativeness and cooperation among many professionals including architects, artists, and even skillful craftsmen”.

Office interior is a great source of inspiration for AfA Design because itself isn’t bored and repeated as common thoughts. We are always toward creative solutions in order to give our customer inspiring, experiential, unique workplace. We especially emphasize importance of space optimization and cost optimization.



Architectural design is different from past 2 decades while it was society images. Today, people use architecture to expose their personality and remark. AfA Design’s architectural projects are usually headquarter building of big corporation with desire to mark a milestone in their development progress and furthermore leverage their branding to higher scale, and even make it become a city’s signature or region’s one.

Architectural design requires time-consuming investment, intensive and rigorous study about knowledge, culture as well as profound experiences of architect.


Our “7 steps for project implementation” is very transparent to our clients and makes them confident in managing project timeline, cost and quality efficiently.

As a role of master contractor, AfA Design works from our heart. We don’t simply “translate” the technical design. By extensive site inspection, our technical professionals will discuss with the owners optimal solutions about materials, construction timeline… in order to keep original value of the design and lift it up for exceeding their expectation.