Workplace is another life from home taking more than 8 hours per day. Therefore quality of workplace is very important and causes high impact to productivity, efficiency as well as physical and mental health for all employees.

A comfortable and convenient office brings positive outcome in boosting energy, gathering people and building corporate culture. In the other end, office is a great corporate branding ambassador.


Understanding this, AfA Design has studied, researched and gathered multi-sourced information then given in-depth advice and direction about office’s workplace. We really hope contribute our humble effort in leveraging workplace in Vietnam in particular and SEA region in general. This is the birth of ebook “360 office workplace

What to expect in this ebook “360 office workplace”?


  • - History of workplace design
  • - Key for productivity improvement
  • - Office design and health
  • - Office design and emotion
  • - Workplace and corporate culture
  • - Workplace optimization
  • - Factors to active and motivated workplace
  • - Today’s world office interior design trends
  • - Popular errors in office interior design
  • - Things to know before relocation
  • - 8 errors to avoid when relocation
  • - Criteria for selecting design and master construction contractors
  • And so much more…

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