It’s an undeniable long process starting from receiving input to finishing the project, requiring zealous participation of the designers, constructors, and investors. To be more specific, in order for this process to go smoothly and conveniently, we need to get an overview of the entire project before going into details. In the 7 steps of AFA Design project implementation, concept design belongs to the 2nd stage, right after the construction of the project, and is one of the most essential stages of every project.

Concept design – what’s in there? 

Basically, concept design includes functional space, interior layout, reference images, key materials used for each space. Preliminary sketches based on the needs and desires of the investor. Concept design may also include hand drawings, some interpretations of how the technique is handled, etc. Scales, images are of a desirable nature which needn’t be accurate, yet, the ability to convey ideas, spatial organization method, functional subdivision of the consultancy unit is required. 

Hereunder is the preliminary design of one of the projects that are entering the detailed implementation phase of AFA Design: GoldSun Packaging and Printing Joint Stock Company Office Project – a strategic partner of Samsung Group in Vietnam.