As the industry of information technology is blooming these days due to increasing demands, leaders are struggling to find optimal solutions to increase productivity in the workplace. One of the answers to this problem lies in the provision of a technology-friendly environment for employees. Find out how the AfA Design Team tackle this puzzle in this article.

Positioning clients’ needs

If productivity is the prerequisite of leaders in the information technology field, creating a workplace that allows employees to perform to their full potential is equally important. That is why in the process of designing the interior in general, and the information technology office in particular, often starts with the identification of clients’ needs.

When developing the design concept for Ai&T office, a global technology company, AfA Design team relied on the desire for an innovative workspace and the core concept of balance: between globalization and localization, between static and dynamic, between tradition and modernity and most importantly, the balance between technology and sustainability.

Working space transcends the office into a new and creative space.

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Flexibility: the key to a tech-savvy office

Engineers being always equipped with the necessary technology and tools is the key to creating a flexible workspace. To do that, designers need to give their customers a choice in the space depending on the needs from concentrated working to collaboration. Besides, to create a truly flexible workspace, the art of interior design is the way designers arrange technology and tools scientifically and reasonably while still preserving the aesthetics.

With Megaads office, AfA Design’s design creates a harmonious space between furniture, lighting and decorative trees to help employees quickly focus on their work. Open office design with plenty of coworking space towards freedom and avoiding monotonous areas help to increase flexibility. That’s why the design equips this place with compact, minimalist furniture.

Layout equipped with compact, user-friendly technology 

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Cultivate creativity and inspiration into spaces

The information technology industry requires employees to spend long hours in front of computers, which will undermine employee productivity and creativity if leaders fail to find ways to regularly create inspirations in the workspace. A reasonable dose of eye-catching colors, combined with “rare” materials in the workspace is a very effective solution in creating creative and inspiring spaces for the ultimate goal, increasing employee and user productivity.

For Aptech, a training company in the field of information technology, the problem for the AfA Design team is to create an ideal space for modern professionalism, proving the scope of a unit working in education and training, while at the same time, still preserving creativity and inspiration in the space for both teachers and students.

The problem of a space that is both professional and inspiring

The design solution of AfA Design is implementing a minimalistic, rustic and very Vietnamese style into this place. Learners are free to study in closed space; group workspaces are also created to increase not only learning efficiency but also increase social connectivity. AfA Design selects and introduces familiar materials such as bamboo, solid wood, polished concrete tables, trees … along with blue and yellow accent walls to make the space fit an educational institution while still bringing endless inspiration to students.

Rustic and simple materials make students comfortable and creative

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