How will office design change post-pandemic?

It is praiseworthy and proud that Vietnam has successfully controlled pandemic national-wide and life of dwellers have gradually returned normal. Amongst things returning to the original state, there are things that will change completely, including office design trends. For many companies, mitigating direct interaction between employees while ensuring productivity and office functions is becoming a top priority. 

Re-arrange your office furniture

The most optimal solution is to distance the employee’s seating position. This can be done in several following ways

  • Instead of arranging staff desks next to each other or facing each other so that the employee chairs are as close like before the lockdown, desks will be re-arranged so that the distance between employees complies with the 2-meter regulation of the government. 
  • The size of the desk before the pandemic is shrinking on the principle of space-saving, this trend will revert as desk size is expanded to prevent the spread of disease in the workplace.
“Safe space” solution for employees’ desks


Sooner or later, leaders will have to invest in technologies that ease direct interaction between employees. Appliances such as timekeeper, desk phone, door handle will surely be replaced.

Take the example of Bee’ah in the UAE, which is at the forefront of this changing trend. The whole company is equipped with ZHA non-interactive technology: employees do not have to touch their hands anywhere because the door is automatically opened by a motion sensor and facial recognition; elevators, and even coffee, can be ordered remotely by phones. 

“No interaction” cutting edge technology at Bee’ah headquarter

Re-build your office 

If the change in layout or technology investment is not a fit for your company due to lack of space, time and resources, finding yourself a design unit to change the whole office design is the most effective method, time and financially speaking.  

Doors and corridors will be enlarged in size, partitions will be added in the office, stairs will be arranged more frequently, etc. are the solutions that the architect will suggest for your new office space. 

Office will be designed with more partitions and open spaces

If you are looking for such a unit, AfA Design provides interior design & construction services to meet the needs of social distancing while still serve office functions and aesthetics.

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More signs

Prior to the pandemic, signs informing health regulations were often overlooked due to the low efficiency as well as affecting the aesthetics of the office. However, now that people have become more aware of their health as well as the public, hanging signs such as proper handwashing or steps to deal with when someone is sick in office space is not only urgent but also applauded by employees.