Is green office suitable for your company?

Green office defined office with green space (trees, flowers, lawns, …), green design and environmentally friendly design which help increase the connection between people and the environment, thereby increasing work efficiency.

So whether green office is suitable for your office scope? To answer this question, let’s join AFA Design to delve into what green office research will bring to businesses!

Outstanding benefits of green office

Green office gives businesses or companies a lot of benefits and positive effects:

  • Create a working environment for employees and leaders extremely ideal, airy and fresh.
  • Helps increase productivity, ensure work progress.
  • Help improve and improve the health of leaders and employees.
  • Saving energy that is difficult to regenerate such as electricity, water, …
  • Raising people’s awareness about environmental protection, green living awareness and encouraging harmony with nature

    Green space in Apec office – AfA Design project

For large-scale business 

For large businesses, their headquarters are often large, have lots of free space, and need to be filled. Filling these vacant spaces needs to be as cost-effective as possible for the company, so designing green spaces here is extremely logical.

Green spaces appear in large companies that both fill the emptiness of empty space and provide a large amount of oxygen for the whole company.

However, to ensure the care of these green spaces requires a lot of human, time and water resources.

Source: Internet

For medium-sized businesses

For medium businesses, the office is usually moderately designed, not too large. The design of green office furniture for these mid-range businesses is extremely consistent. The employees work when they are too stressed, they will take care of grass, trees, green leaves, flowers as a recreational, stress relieving.

But the leaders of the medium-sized business do not prioritize creating green offices for employees. They only focus on how to make more profit for the business.

Source: Internet

For small scale businesses

For small businesses, the office is often designed to be small and fully meet the necessary functions of an office. With such a small space, adding green spaces to the office is very easy.

However, because the office only meets the necessary functions of an office, when green space appears, it will occupy a large area in a small office and hinder the use of office functions by employees.

Green spaces for T&T office – AfA Design project

Through the analysis above, you can see that the green office trend should be used for the benefits that green spaces bring us. But you should also consider the model of your business to make the right decision!

You can also see more articles on green office ideas to optimize this interior trend.

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