The design of offices in factories is always a pain in the neck for architects because this functions as a working space for the back office employees as well as a production site. Businesses should consider a variety of options so they can create positive energy for their employees.

Incorporating greenery into the workplace

Normally, the factory area is often air-polluted due to the continuously operated machines. In contrast, the office block requires quietness so employees can focus. For that, when designing the office of the factory, it is necessary to find the optimal solution to reduce stress arose from working 

Không gian xanh sẽ tạo được sự thoải mái hơn 
Green spaces can generate comfort

The simplest way is to bring green energy tranquility and comfort purpose. This source of energy comes from greenery, light and nature-friendly materials. As a result, the noise in the production area can be partly eased out.

Create a common space between two offices

Normally office blocks and production areas are often located close to each other to ensure the convenience and workflow. However, these two spaces still need to be separated thoroughly so as not to affect each other. Although convenient, it can also somewhat affect the relationship between the two groups of employees.

Therefore, in the design process, attention should be paid to creating entertainment spaces, connecting, sharing and relaxing in the office and factory areas. A cafeteria or entertainment area can be built to serve as mutual communication and entertainment space

Prioritize minimalist interior

In the process of designing a factory office, businesses should acknowledge minimalist furniture that can create a spacious and comfortable workspace. In addition, priority should be given to choosing items with bright colors such as brown wood to make to light up spaces. Employees can take advantage of this free space to display personal and therapeutic items. 

Các món đồ nội thất đơn giản làm không gian làm việc rộng rãi hơn 
Minimal design items broaden working spaces

Currently, there are many design trends for offices in factories that businesses can refer to, each style has its own unique characteristics and applicability. However, choosing a design style that is suitable for an entire group is not a simple thing. Please contact us now to receive support on the interior design consultancy for offices in factories, or visit the website: https: //afa.com.vn for more details.