T&T Group invests in a sustainable office, a vision for the future.

Staff is the frontline department, the core link in each company. However, the comfort and convenience of employees is often overlooked when designing offices to make room for other factors such as cost savings or office functions.

Today’s AfA Design article will introduce a staff-centric office design style: a sustainable design style, with a prominent example of T&T office project.

About T&T Group

T&T Group has surely become the household name many as it is regarded as a “trillion” corporation in various fields, from technology, production to education and sports. At the beginning of 2018, T&T Group received the award of the fastest-growing enterprise in Vietnam and ranked 6th in the FAST500 rankings in 2018. The success of T&T Group is largely attributed to productivity and reliability coming from their staff. 

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Being able to accompany with T&T Group in the office renovation project is an honor and great opportunity for AfA Design. “Standing on the shoulders of giants” not only brings great challenges to help improve our architect’s profession but also an opportunity to enhance the AfA Design brand, towards the high-end, professional and leading office design unit in Vietnam.

How did T&T Group increase its employee loyalty? Let’s discover the secret with AfA Design to learn about the employee workspace project, using the trend of sustainable office design.

Working space of T&T Group – AfA Design project

What is a sustainable office design? 

Sustainability, as the name implies, focuses on keeping the office sustainable through materials, waste management, lighting systems and air quality. Let’s investigate this strange and rare definitions in creating an office with AfA Design.


In this style of office furniture, eco-friendly materials such as recyclable, disposable materials are used for equipment and interior to minimize organic pollution materials for a healthier and stronger environment. Bamboo, wood, trees are such sustainable materials can be found in office spaces.

Working space of T&T Group – AfA Design project

The proof of sustainable materials is can be evidently expressed through the design of T&T office. The details of the trees are cleverly and reasonably installed so that the space is naturally irresistible, not only employees are provided with cool green spaces to help relieve stress, the green spaces also help create a great source of clean air to keep employees healthy.

Waste management 

This is the process of reducing waste and increasing the recycling capacity of office wastes by using organic materials, investing in office self-decomposition systems or other homemade organic waste. In many advanced countries around the world, workplace waste management systems are of great interest to leaders because of the sustainability it brings to the office.

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When it comes to waste systems, many people think of expensive or automated systems, but this can be done very simply yet effectively by sorting waste and hanging signs instructing employees to follow. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, guiding waste sorting staff to waste disposal is very effective in raising employee awareness with the office and the environment.

Lighting system

By saving energy and maximizing natural light such as using LEDs, wide glass doors and solar panels, offices can save most on electricity costs and give employees an open and natural working environment.

Working space of T&T Group – AfA Design project

In addition to the artificial lighting system arranged reasonably, windows are an indispensable element in the T&T office work. Glass windows strip along the length of the office area, bringing a large amount of valuable natural light, saving energy costs for the office and creating an open  space for employees

Air quality

The use of air purifiers and trees in the office can improve air quality to enhance the overall health of your employees.

Working space of T&T Group – AfA Design project

In an office cramped with people, good air quality will somehow reduce stress and pressure on employees. A study by Harvard & Syracuse University shows that employees working in a green, air-rich office will have a 100% increase in working efficiency compared to claustrophobic, clerical office workers.

Increase employee loyalty with sustainable office design

In fact, not only T&T office but also in developed countries, the sustainable office design is very popular due to its high efficiency: increasing employee satisfaction at the office leading to the increase in loyalty to the company.

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Tại văn phòng công ty sản xuất đồ gia dụng Geelen Counterflow, Hà Lan – văn phòng dành giải thưởng bền vững do BREEM và Cradle to Cradle trao tặng. Văn phòng sử dụng hoàn toàn nhiệt năng để cung cấp điện cho 50 nhân viên trong văn phòng, những người đã làm việc và hoàn toàn hài lòng với công ty trong 10 năm qua.

At Geelen Counterflow, Netherlands – the office win sustainable awards by BREEM and Cradle to Cradle. The office uses all-round heat to power 50 employees in the office who have been working and fully satisfied with the company for the past 10 years.

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At Tapestry Research’s office, a lot of sustainable solutions are given and implemented by office workers such as using organic handbooks, recycling waste, using solar energy and organizing a vegetarian meal every Monday. According to Phillis, manager at Tapestry Research, employees at the company have a very positive expression in creating a sustainable office and often discuss this issue during breaks. Phillis believes that creating a sustainable office has a positive impact on the efforts and attitudes of employees as well as creating a stronger, happy and caring working community.

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