To design a quality director's room, you not only need to pay attention to the elements of layout and structure but also focus on feng shui elements. Why is that and how should it be done? The following article will reveal it to you!


How to design the director's room in accordance with feng shui?

Why is it necessary to design the director's office in accordance with feng shui?

Office feng shui should focus on direction, interior. This creates a good flow of energy to space. To design a beautiful feng shui director's room, you need to do it by planning the design and arranging them. Arranging the director's desk area in a certain way promotes a positive feeling about the work environment.

Because feng shui is the factor that creates balance, there are many factors to consider when designing a director's office. Most good workplace feng shui layouts focus on the following factors:

- Eight basic directions in feng shui: East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North, and Northeast.

- Five natural elements in the five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth)

- Shapes and colors of objects and furniture

There are no rules to feng shui. There is only a focus on balance, harmony, and harmony with the owner. Whether you're trying to decide what color to decorate or determine your desk layout, it's a good idea to keep the feng shui elements in mind.

Factors to keep in mind when designing a modern director's room

To have an office for the director that is both modern but still meets the feng shui element, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues:

Location of director's room

This is a very important area in the company. Not only is the CEO's workplace, but also one of the places to welcome distinguished guests and business partners. This is considered as the representative area of the whole company. Therefore, the director's office should be located in a convenient and prime location in the overall premises. Usually, the door direction for high-end offices is usually the East, Southeast, or Southwest direction will be very suitable.


The location of the director's room, as well as the items, is very important

Area of the director's office

When designing a senior director's room, it is not necessary to use too large an area, causing waste. Just a suitable layout, balanced with the overall area of the company with design tips such as color layout, mirror furniture, glass, .. will help the office look larger

Furniture in the director's room

Normally, the director's room will be arranged with high-class furniture. Always bring comfort to the owner.

The selected interior items must match the overall design style to avoid contrasting with each other.

In particular, the desk is the most important piece of furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to choose sturdy desk models but still suitable for the area of the office.

Some other feng shui factors to keep in mind when designing a senior director's room

The director's office is arranged in accordance with feng shui, not only showing the authority of the leader but also bringing a happy working atmosphere and lots of fortune. One of the biggest influencing factors is the position of the desk and the tone of the space.

The desk must be placed in accordance with feng shui?

According to the most basic principles in feng shui, the desk should not be placed directly opposite the door nor in the middle of the room. Feng shui masters always recommend that you place your desk in the direction that matches the sign and life of the leader. The right sitting position will help the leader work in a relaxed mood, easily making the right decisions.


The position of the desk is the most important


Color in the design of the director's room is very important. The color must match the bow, network of the owner. Besides, it still shows the company's brand while exuding majesty and luxury. Some neutral colors will be the best choice.

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