To design a representative office to make a good impression, you need to ensure elements such as brand identity, products, lighting, location of parts, and colors. In this article, we will guide you with more detailed and complete information.

Create an outstanding brand identity when designing a representative office

Customers will most likely spend at least a few minutes in your reception area, so this is where you need to establish your brand firmly. The identity will be the first basis for people to know your company. The company logo needs to be placed in a prominent and conspicuous place to create attraction. Signboards are also very important, you can design signs with high-quality Acrylic and use appropriate lighting.

Design a representative office with an impressive brand identity

Besides, think about using your brand color set in media publications, interior and creative, attractive gift pieces. Surely your brand will be known by many people.

Introducing brand products

It will be remiss if your representative office cannot promote its business products. The reception area is the perfect space for you to display the products and services your company is providing. You can even display product mockups of your services in a showcase or on a flat-screen TV. Depending on the type of business you work and your budget when designing a representative office.

Optimizing lighting when designing representative offices

No one likes to walk into a gloomy and dimly lit office. Similarly, bright colors or bright lights can also cause visual discomfort. When designing a representative office, install a light and pleasant LED system. Customers, partners, and employees will feel comfortable. Besides, you should take advantage of the function of light to highlight your brand identity.

Suitable front desk

All customers and partners who need to enter your representative office must go through the reception area. A front desk placed in the right direction, not out of sight, and prominent in the lobby area will be a plus point for your office. If you have a separate reception area or have to share it in an office building, a separate display stand will create a great highlight for your company.

The front desk helps to impress customers and partners

Representative office design with high-class furniture

As with the reception desk itself and the brand identity, you'll need to consider the space for the right furniture layout. Make sure you also have some nice soft furniture for the comfort of your guests.

More green space

Health and well-being are a top priority for all growth-minded business owners. What better way to do this than by bringing some soothing elements from nature into your office space? In your reception area, this can be simplified with a few potted plants or fresh flower arrangements.

A plant wall is not only beautiful but also brings in the fresh air, regulating humidity in the air. Customers, partners will be impressed with your company with green and pleasant spaces.

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