"Simplicity is different" is a famous saying that shows the outstanding features of the Minimalism design style. Let's learn about the minimalist design style through the article below!

Minimalist office space

What is Minimalism style in office design?

Minimalist office design is about creating a clean, simple workspace that accentuates the attractive architectural lines of a space. Therefore, the design will focus on simplicity, the layout of the working area and furniture leads to the optimization of space for the office. All these create a perfect working space

Features of minimalism in office design

Minimalist style always has its own distinctive features compared to other styles. If the modern style office is to use a lot of materials and equipment in the direction of high technology. The minimalist style follows the principle of reductionism, maximizing the functionality of each area.

The way to decorate space

The form and layout have always been about simplicity, monochrome walls, minimal furniture, large and open floors, modest storage areas, simple and decent. Work areas are interconnected. It is also to avoid complexity and cut down on details as well as cut only what is necessary.


The color palette in minimalist office design is a key element of office design. The color scheme is very important, it determines the quality of the space. Soft, neutral colors will suit a minimalist design. Some of them like beiges, white and gray, …

A simple combination of colors

The light

Lighting is also one of the key elements of minimalism. The right lighting always brings lightness, creating a comfortable and pleasant feeling for employees. Besides, the light also helps to make space feel larger and more open.


Minimalist design style needs to excite employees. Therefore, to avoid causing boredom in the working process, it is necessary to use a variety of materials. Various materials are used to combine them such as glass, fabric, concrete, wood, ceramics, etc. This design style is a combination of form and function. This can then be achieved with rich textures within a functional category of the office.


The furniture used must be simple in color, texture, and form. Minimalist office design always tends to choose simple furniture. Made up of natural materials like wood and geometry. Big bulky and heavy furniture is not necessary.

Benefits of minimalist office design

There are many benefits to a minimalist office design such as:

Reduce costs for investors

The workspace must have furniture, decorations, and other items. There will be a lot of costs incurred in the process of buying furniture. Minimalist office design will eliminate unnecessary furniture. Always keep the office space neat and simple. Thus, the investor will be able to save a significant amount of money to invest in other more important matters.

Office space contributes to employee productivity

Increase employee productivity

The minimalist office design, using fewer tools also means that the desk will become neat. This will create conditions for people to tend to do more things. Besides, the minimalist office not only helps maximize office space but also has a great impact on everyone's spirit. All employees will feel relaxed, comfortable, and better relieve pressure when working in a minimalist office space.

Spacious workspace for everyone

If you want to expand your office size and recruit more. With a minimalist style, the workspace can be flexibly changed without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, keeping the layout and design of your office simple and with no-frills will allow you to utilize your workspace more efficiently.

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