The fast or slow growth of a company will depend a lot on the staff of the business. In this article, we will learn about the role of the staff. How can an enterprise improve the quality of its personnel and attract talented people to the business?

Employees have a very important role

Role of staff

The staff at the company will be a large force and play a pivotal role in the development of the company. Whether working individually or in groups, they all have very important roles such as:

As the main production team, bringing value to the business

Each individual will hold a certain role in the collective and is the core and most elite team to develop the business and increase revenue. The leader gives the strategy and the lead staff is the one who implements it. With no staff, all plans are definitely still on paper.

The staff is the core team to develop the business

Is the core part in customer retention

Every employee in a company department has influence on some or all of the customer relationships. A frustrated and low-energy employee reduces the company's ability to serve customers. 

If a lot of employees do not meet the needs of customers, your business cannot succeed.

No matter how much time and energy you yourself spend on sales, marketing, and customer service. Invest more in keeping your employees motivated and ready to go

Create corporate culture

Through a working process, your company will gradually acquire a way of working, operating and building strong relationships. That is considered the corporate culture. If the staff creates a toxic culture that spreads its bad energy outside the company area. Certainly the company's reputation outside the community is very bad. 

Once your brand and reputation suffer, you lose a competitive edge. It is important to promote business growth. Losing a competitive edge means that no one dares to step foot in such an environment.

Measures to improve quality and attract talent

We send you suggestions to improve the quality of the staff as well as attract more talents for the business.

Organizing training and improving professional qualifications

Both employees and employers can reap a number of benefits from adopting an employee training program. This includes:

  • Improve productivity.

  • Increase efficiency during work.

  • Employees have a greater sense of responsibility.

  • No need to spend too much time supporting simple problems.

  • Established a system of training standards that can be applied in a long time.

  • The company structure is more transparent.

  • Enhance employee development opportunities by tracking personal growth.

Appropriate remuneration

Employees should enjoy privileges such as:

  • Friendly and safe working environment.

  • Enjoy the benefits of insurance, maternity, sickness, etc.

  • To enjoy salary, bonus and holidays in accordance with the law.

  • Having a reasonable working and resting regime…

Need training programs for employees

Recognize and reward employees' efforts

An employee who feels appreciated and heard is more likely to be involved in the organization's goals. Work actively together and perform at their optimum. On the contrary, an employee who gives his best but is not recognized will feel discouraged and no longer put his heart into the work.

Have a clear promotion process

An employee's career path can have a big impact on the talent selection process. The purpose of promotion is to attract individuals and develop them and strengthen their potential to make a greater impact for the organization. Clear criteria should be given in terms of personality, seniority, work performance, personal knowledge, health, age, gender, training and interpersonal relationships. A fair promotion system will positively affect the performance of the organization. Employee promotion system affects job performance and satisfaction.

AfA Design always appreciates the development of employees

Here's why employee engagement plays such a big role in today's hyper-competitive business world. And rightly so - the success or failure of a business largely depends on its employees.

Aware of that, since its establishment, AfA Design has always put the role of the staff on top. The growth of the business depends a lot on the elite staff. Therefore, AfA Design always makes reasonable adjustments in the company's human resources department as well as creating favorable conditions. Because the role of employees in the organization is very important. When you are in sync with your employees, AfA Design always feels able to react extremely quickly to market changes.