Professional office construction and reasonable arrangement of workspaces will create the best conditions for employees to work effectively. A comfortable working environment will motivate people to maximize their potential and achieve effective productivity.

Follow the principles for reasonable office construction

Some principles when constructing a packaged office

Modern office construction is a complex job that needs to be solved according to certain principles such as:

Divide the zones

Modern office construction in Hanoi often tends to open spaces, in which employees work in a large room. This type of layout involves installing partitions or at least semi-transparent desktop screens when renovating offices, limiting personal workspaces.

To receive guests or visiting partners, a reception desk, waiting areas, and separate rooms for group meetings or negotiations with partners are required. Zoning is done by arranging furniture, partitions installed during the renovation of the office, using different types of floor coverings, contrasting walls, etc.

Interesting and functional interior design

As a rule, when carrying out office construction, it is necessary to follow a certain style (e.g. hi-tech, modern, minimalism) and light colors so as not to distract from the working process of employee’s work. For creative firms, architecture or design offices, ornate, modern art deco, pop art, or playful spaces are accentuated by bright colors, unusual materials, and matching decorative elements.

Interesting and functional interior

Create comfortable working conditions

In order to increase employee productivity, adequate lighting is required. In addition to natural light, the amount of light depends on the size and number of windows. When designing an office, it is necessary to provide for the installation of ceiling and table lamps.

In open offices with many employees, noise levels should be considered within acceptable levels in work areas. In order to effectively reduce this indicator during an office renovation, noise-absorbing structures (suspended ceilings, installation of plasterboard frames on walls, ceilings, and partitions) and materials (foam plastic, carpet, corrugated board, polyurethane backing panels, etc.) are used.

Why AfA Design is the perfect choice for you

With the current price list of office construction in Hanoi, AfA Design is a unit that provides quality services and perfectly fits the budget of customers. Our team is committed to:

The cost you spend is consistent with the quality of the project

We have calculated the possible account tools for our clients' reference to provide certain services. The set amount is negotiable to ensure it fits your pocket while maintaining the balance you desire. When you choose AfA Design, you will definitely get the value you deserve.

AfA Design is a reputable office construction unit for you

Reduce unnecessary items to save costs

An office construction project can be very expensive, depending on the model of the project that you should focus on important items. We can offer various tips on how to cut construction costs. The latest ideas that make this possible include energy-efficient office designs that allow plenty of natural light.

Complete the project on time

Most construction projects are postponed due to lazy, careless labor. Many employees become lazy when they realize that their boss is too busy with work. From there they started to violate their policies and not follow the schedule.

With a highly-skilled construction team, we will ensure that the project is completed on time. In all conditions, without any delay, AfA Design ensures that everything is done to your standards and you can trust it completely.

A suitable construction company like AfA Design ensures that you will be completely satisfied with a team of professional, highly qualified staff. To learn more useful information, you can contact us at:

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