T.O.P 2021 is a transitional space design contest held online at VietCG Design and Construction Community. The community has nearly 90,000 members who are architects, talented designers in Vietnam, and famous brands of interior and exterior materials. 

T.O.P stands for Tile Of Pride, the contest is held from July 26, 2021 - August 26, 2021. This will become an annual contest organized by Eurotile and VietCG with the desire to honor creative inspiration, humanistic aesthetic values through the talents of architects and designers when combining the application of brick products and Eurotile's variety of tiling.

The requirement of T.O.P 2021 is that designers must design transitional spaces such as halls, stairs, skylights, courtyards, etc., which require creativity, impressive ideas, high aesthetics, and reasonable functions.

Many of the entries made a strong impression on the audience by intelligently and skillfully handling the topics, creating a very poetic space. There are also entries that show the professionalism of architects through impressive design images. In each test, Eurotile's brick product has completed its role. Sometimes, bring lightness and serenity with the Nha Vi collection. Again bringing viewers to a modern and personal space through the Hai Thuy collection. Or simple but equally outstanding through the products of the Sandstone collection…

Representative of the contest judge, Architect Le Hung Trong - Founder of Le House studio shared: "I and the judges had to think very carefully to choose the best, actually when we received the articles, we saw you performed extremely well. But after a period of deliberation, we finally selected from the top 34, then from the top 13, the best prizes were selected. Your creativity on Eurotile's brick background made a great impression on the judges. I hope that in the upcoming competitions or in future jobs, the contestants will always shine with their talents. Good luck!".

The contest that won the first prize of the vote belonged to the author Xuan Dieu with the theme of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The contest won the first prize vote

“This is a big contest with extremely valuable prizes, an open-themed contest that helps contestants have a lot of space to perform and express their unique ideas. This is also a useful playground, a place to connect with Architects and Designers. With the current complicated Covid epidemic situation, many people are unemployed, their lives are turned upside down, their health is affected, especially affecting their lives. I want to include those things in the exam to send a message that everyone should protect the environment, protect public health, protect the health of relatives and families.".

The contest won the first prize of the author Huy Pham

The contest won the first prize in the profession

“To the Tile Of Pride 2021 contest, I bring the idea of a green space exclusively for designers in general. In addition to providing natural light for the entire space, it is also relaxing as well as inspiring when working and a place to make a strong impression on customers. With original ideas derived from soft curves, combined with elements from nature and material inspiration from Eurotile's Thien Di collections, I hope to be able to bring it to everyone. You have an interesting and impressive experience in this test".

T.O.P 2021 is a very meaningful contest. Young architects attend mainly to know where they are standing in order to orient and draw experience for a long and further composing journey in the future. Candidates also hope that their exam will have more opportunities to motivate colleagues, hope they boldly express themselves to have more interesting experiences.