Newly graduated architecture students or even young architects when starting to develop their architectural career face many difficulties. In this article, AFADesign will show young architects’ design models. Unique modern style office design that you can refer to.

Secrets to help young architects succeed

  • Be an irreplaceable person

  • Find a guide

  • Let's share knowledge

  • Let's create your own network

  • Take every opportunity

  • Feel free to ask

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Speak up

  • Realize how lucky you are

  • Learn to accept failure

Tips to help young architects succeed

Unique modern office models in stadium style

1.Edelman Office in Dubai

The Edelman office with an area of about 11000 square feet brings the culture of Islam into every design detail of the office to serve the office's function. The office also has designed public phone booths and small meeting room spaces to create tranquility. Besides, there is also a space to relax and play to help employees relax after stressful working hours. At the same time, there is also a more delicately designed space for important partners and customers.

The office is more clearly demarcated by color: The blue color of the Edelman logo affirms accessibility, the IT department is designed with a soft green color, the office team creates ideas for the company. The company is designed with vibrant yellow color.

Creative and colorful office

Creative and colorful office

2. New Google office – LA office

Google and ZGF Architects have worked together on six major projects, but this will be the largest project ever undertaken in the field of reuse. Google's project executive director Kah Kahoe believes that they can do something great. The project with the idea of designing a workspace that makes it feel like everyone is working in a single space and outer space with furniture decorated in the style of a stadium.

Google's new office – LA office

Google's new office – LA office

3. Fashion Brand's NYC Office

Like many other American companies, Fashion Brand's NYC office is also looking to modernize and increase efficiency. The company collaborated with design unit ENV to do this design project with the optimization of every square meter in the office. Make the room look like a public place. The people's seating is designed in oak looking out and is followed by an arrangement of classic furniture with colorful and rich patterned carpets.

Fashion Brand's NYC Office

Fashion Brand's NYC Office

4.Design project by Clive Wilkinson and WRNS Studio for creative and modern office

Interior Design team member Clive Wilkinson handled the interior of the headquarters while WRNS founding partner Bryan Shiles will oversee the construction and architecture of the building. The goal of the design project is to attract and retain talent along with promoting community spirit in addition to providing financial and tax software for small businesses. Each staircase is designed along the atrium and connects directly to a large living room that functions as a spacious dining room and co-working space.

Creative and modern office

Creative and modern office

5. Paradigm office in Los Angeles

The light combined with striking orange tones is what you see when you enter the Paradigm office in Los Angeles. The project, designed by Rottet Studio, features a staircase that ascends from the seating area providing additional seating on vinyl-covered cushions. It's not just the grand staircase that the cushions scattered across the steps are the venue for everyone in the company's meetings when combined with the reception area and conference room.

Paradigm office in Los Angeles

Paradigm office in Los Angeles

Above are a few unique modern office designs and a few shared tips for young architects to refer to. Hope they will help you in your career path. Good luck!