Green office design can improve office space to maximize the positive activities that this trend brings. In this article, we will take a look at the popular office design styles as well as take a closer look at green office space design.


What is green office design?

What exactly is a green office? Simply put, a green office must take into account its construction, design, and operations to minimize its impact on the environment as much as possible. The green office not only comes to the environmental performance of the building to carry the business of residence but all the operation of the application content is not arranged.

How popular is the green office trend?

This is a big office trend in 2021 to create green office spaces Many modern office spaces today have living walls (also known as green walls). In addition, the company that designs spaces towards nature not only creates a comfortable space, just like at home, but also offers many health benefits.


Green office design brings many benefits to businesses

Benefits when designing a green office

There are many benefits to designing a green office space. Some of the biggest benefits of having a green office environment include:

Cost savings

One of the best benefits of having a green office is making sure you save money. Turning the space green helps to reduce energy costs, as well as the costs required for office furniture and materials.

Increased attractiveness for new employees

When recruiting for a new position, some businesses have difficulty in finding human resources and resources. Green offices will help upgrade your company, making you an attractive choice for those looking for work with value.

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Environmental friendliness

Of course, the most obvious benefit of a green office is being active in the environment. Protecting the environment is a must, and even the small changes your company makes can reduce CO2 emissions.


Green offices have many advantages for improving productivity

What do you need to do to have a green office design

When redesigning the office in mind to create a more environmentally friendly space, try not to choose old desks or lightning. Should use wooden furniture types

Increased exposure to natural light - we just create an environment-friendly office that has incredibly positive effects on workers.

Trees should be arranged reasonably, not greedy.

Some other office design trends

Let's take a look at some trend design variables that are being applied by many companies:

The trend of office cafe

This is a relatively new trend in Vietnam. However, such an office model is extremely convenient if applied properly. Staff feels completely comfortable when working. This design is aimed at creating beneficial, creative jobs.

Office with open space

One of the biggest changes to the office is that it's not just a desk, but it becomes a free-to-swap space. For many employees today, a day at work has become an event, a new opportunity to meet friends, to inspire, and to connect.


Green office design template with open space

Office with flexible interior design

Activating the highlight of the office itself is that the interior can be easily moved. We include furniture such as wheeled tables and chairs, but we can also include transferable compartments and walls. This thing not only draws the way of lam work that but create a utility during work.

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