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AFA Design started only with 05 young architects. In the context of Vietnam’s architectural consulting companies mushrooming, foreign companies enter the domestic market massively at the time of delivery in the early XXI century. fragility. Young companies are weak in management, but thanks to the talent and tactics of the business strategy that AFA management and staff have brought the company to overcome the market crisis spectacularly. AFA has survived the stage of survival of a 3-year-old and 5-year-old company. Overcoming the expectation of surviving over time, the newly graduated architects have decided to own a large-scale production plant more than 2 heta ago. AFA Design was born with the goal of reducing costs for customers and synchronizing workflows, from ideas to finished products.

Of the thousands of works that AFA has done ranging from home interior architecture to large buildings but large buildings, high-rise buildings, villas … the field of architecture and office furniture. AFA is more prominent. It fits the creative and diverse experiences of AFA Architects. Each AFA office design always satisfies the business owner, because we know how to make the office environment work in line with the culture and business goals of the business. Typically, BIDV, Vietcombank, FPT, VNSTeel, VNPT, Mercedes, Vietnam Airline, Legend Beer, Nhan Nghia Group …

In addition, AFA is proud to be chosen as the architectural unit of landscape and works for the society. Major projects such as Hoa Binh Tower (106 Hoang Quoc Viet – Hanoi); Hung Yen Police Headquarters; Air Force Air Defense Museum; Hanoi Library; The Dac Lac Post Office, the CDC building (Hoan Kiem – Hanoi) was designed by architect Nguyen Van Sinh – chair of design … Thanks to experience and innovation, AFA after working time Paralysis has given the solution and solve the problem beyond the expectations of the investor.

With the motto of working to take the satisfaction of leading customers, with the commitment to bring the best solutions for the project, AFA Design prides itself on taking the path of its choice.