CEO’s message

Over past 18 years of intensive operation in office interior design and construction, AFA Design has created a number of green, creative, unique working environment with desire of delivering positive experience for “end-users: in those places. Moreover, the works that we did also enhance our clients’ branding awareness to their employees and partners alike.

Our clients consist of Goldsun, Tan Long, Duc Giang Chemical Corporation, Pacific, Rang Dong, PVN, VCN, Nidecm Vinfa, T&T… Lots of senior managers of big corporates after using our services have become our loyalty customers and more than just a partner!

Our great achievement comes from 3 main resources: AFA designer team, experts and training institutions. We use people-centric method in every research and development. Therefore, on our works and products, we prioritize “insider’s view” or user-friendly approach while building all spaces and their functionality. Our people are always empowered for growth in term of soft skills and professional skills. They were sent to attend conference, international work trip… with Hanoi University of Architecture or Vietnamese Association of Architect.

With the motto of working to take the satisfaction of leading customers, with the commitment to bring the best solutions for the project, AFA Design prides itself on taking the path of its choice.

AFA Design development milestones