The best office light design offers many unexpected benefits. So how to ensure the ideal light source when designing the office? AfA Design will answer through the article below. Let's find out together!

Functional office interior design with open space

The impact of design the office light

Office lighting has a huge impact on improving the performance and quality of work as well as the health of workers. Here are some of the impacts that AfA can list for your reference.

Impact on work efficiency

Lighting in an office space has a significant effect on employee performance and the atmosphere in the office. If the office has dim lighting in the room, employees may start to feel sleepy early in the morning. Moreover, improper lighting can lead to discomfort for employees when they have to work continuously with computer screens..

Impact on employee morale

A lack of light in a working space, creating a gloomy and uncomfortable feeling will reduce the morale and work enthusiasm of employees. Bad lighting can completely ruin an employee's joy, inspiration, enthusiasm, and morale.

On the contrary, a well-lit space will promote and enhance creativity. Thereby turning the workplace into a fun place, leaving a great impression on the guests who visit the office.

Functional office interior design needs to ensure flexibility

Create aesthetics for space

Lighting in the room also contributes to the aesthetics of the workspace. Offices designed to provide enough light will accentuate the workspace without compromising on functionality.

Different colors can be used for different offices. For example, you can use yellow light for the restroom. While the meeting room can have lights to help increase focus when reporting.

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Best office lighting design tips

With so many types of lighting colors and fixtures, it can be difficult to determine which type of lighting is best for the office. The tips we share below will help your office space always be inspired. Your employees will be engaged and healthy.

Make the most of natural light

Exposure to natural light in the office helps reduce eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. Besides, natural light also helps to regulate and keep the human circadian rhythm stable.

Choose the right light color

Yellow or orange lamps are generally warmer, so they are used to relax, while blue and white lights create a cool feeling, suitable for work. If possible, lighting temperature and color should vary depending on the time of day. In the morning, the lighting needs to be brighter to keep employees awake and focused. At noon, the lighting should be soft to help employees relax.

Selection of LED lights to replace

Fluorescent lights can cause migraine symptoms. Therefore, in recent years, LEDs have been favored as an energy-saving alternative to fluorescent lamps. While LEDs can be a bit more expensive than fluorescents. When used in offices, they have the potential to save the company money in the long run. This is because LEDs typically have a longer lifespan than fluorescents and don't use excess energy in the form of infrared radiation the way fluorescents do.

Use lots of windows and glass walls

You can choose to decorate your office space with different types of lights. The focus should be on employee efficiency and productivity. The principle of light selection is that it must provide enough light for the working process. 

Therefore, both work and mood lighting is very important when furnishing your office. An office space with lots of windows and glass will provide more light in an office building. In addition, the glass partition wall creates an open atmosphere.

When designing functional office furniture, it is necessary to ensure effective space division

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